Why this project

The why and the how.

Accessibility matters.

Most web designers and developers are aware of this. Chances are if you have found this website you already understand the importance of accessibility, and want to make your website a pleasant experience for all users.

However, accessibility can be challenging especially for beginners.

The amount of information is overwhelming and often full of technical language which can be intimidating when you are just starting out in the web world.

Building an accessible website can feel a little like assembling flat-plack furniture. As hard as you try, you don't fully understand the instructions, you're just hoping it all comes together at the end.

The Aim

This website aims to ease that pain.

It is written simply in plain terms by a beginner for beginners. Even if your not a beginner hopefully you will find the logical way this website breaks down web accessibility helpful.

It starts with the essentials and then builds from there onto some more advanced accessibility features.

There will be websites out there with more detailed and technical descriptions, on accessibility in fact this website will link you too them. Neither is this a website for fancy accessibility tools. (a sometimes controversial area of accessibility design where you need to tread lightly).

On the toolbox page, I will recommend some of the best I have found which are free and simple to use.

This aim of this website is to explain accessibility in a relatable and logical way. It will aim to be the starting point for developing your expertise in web accessibility. Giving you the blueprint you need to learn further and develop your knowledge step by step, becoming more and more confident with accessibility design and development.