Five Facts and Three Odd Experiences about Eddy Haynes

Think of this as a simple way of getting to know me.

picture of me with sunglasses on

Fact 1

I grew up in Melton Mowbray, which styles itself as the rural capital of food. The only thing that it is famous for is its pork pies, which I have seen sold in America, so they get around.

picture of pork pie

Fact 2

I love growing chillies. I was brought a chilli growing starter pack for a present and my interest has grown from there, pardon the pun! I have grown jalapeños, chocolate habanero, and recently little pardon's.

chili growing in a pot

Fact 3

I am a bit of film nerd. I studied film as my undergrad degree but have also written reviews, for local magazines, and websites. When I visit a new place, the first thing I usually look up is where the nearest cinema is.

bag of popcorn

Fact 4

I like travelling. The favourite place I have visited is Norway because of the fjords, which are breath-taking, the Norwegians, also know how to make very warm, cosy jumpers, so it is worth going for that alone. The place I would really like to visit is Japan, I am big fan of Japanese Culture.

me on top of mountain in Norway

Fact 5

I am a keen cyclist. I recently have got into using a road bike with clip-less pedals . This means your foot is fixed to the pedal into you twist your foot out. The idea is that your pedal stroke is more efficient but has also meant I have fallen over few times at traffic lights to the amusement of nearby cars.

bike leaning against a wall

Unusual Story 1

I once took part in a séance. When interning for a marketing company, someone had bright idea during Halloween of using a séance (talking to ghosts), broadcast live on Facebook as a way of promoting a central business district. I was not in the séance circle, but was out of sight getting questions that people were posting on Facebook, such as can you talk to my grandmother who has died, and then showing the cue cards to the person leading the séance, (so he would then ask the ghosts). I do not quite how this managed to promote the central business district, but it was very entertaining and quite strange.

a woman conducting a seance

Unusual Story 2

When I was younger, I was in school musical that was the Shakespeare play King Lear sound tracked by songs from the Beatles, which was about as odd as it sounds but was great fun. It does mean I have some weird associations with Beatles songs in my memories.

a microphone on a stand

Unusual Story 3

When writing film reviews for a local magazine. I once went to a film festival in old, abandoned bus garage. In London this might not be considered too unusual (particularly in Shoreditch) but it was definitely a bit strange in a suburb in Nottingham. The films were good, but I was a bit cold by the end of the evening.

film reel with white background